Meet The Team

Pat Smith

Founder & Director

Final Straw Cornwall was the brainchild of Cornwall resident, businesswoman and environmentalist Pat Smith, owner of eco-award winning cottage resort Bosinver Farm Cottages.

“I founded the Final Straw to try and raise awareness of the catastrophic damage we are doing to our oceans from our casual consumption of single use plastics. I feel I have a responsibility to my children and grandchildren to do something about it.”

Nic Andersen


“I am a passionate campaigner and work with wildlife projects and other community initiatives that tackle carbon emissions, waste and the natural environment.

I have been involved with Final Straw Cornwall since 2018 as I think it is important that the public and businesses address the waste issue and we are here to help them with that.  Plastic waste is on the rise after COVID, and the local hospitality community are deliberately being confused by ‘Greenwash’. It’s time this was called out.”




Viki Carpenter, Director, Final Straw Cornwall

Viki Carpenter


Viki, a former journalist has been involved in Final Straw from the outset supporting with marketing and PR.

“Working to help businesses stop using single-use plastics is important for all of us. It doesn’t just impact plastic pollution but also climate change. The work Final Straw Cornwall does also supports a sustainable business community in Cornwall. Following COVID many businesses need that support more than ever because the challenges are new and substantial.”


'Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change the World; Indeed, It’s the Only Thing That Ever Has' Margaret Mead