Chapel Hill, Porthtowan, Truro, TR4 8HL


Situated at Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Porthtowan, Wilder Allotment Kitchen is a vegan cafe focused on delicious wholesome food. Everything we serve in the cafe is whole food, plant-based, vegan goodness. All of our dishes our created with seasonal produce, sustainability and nutritional value in mind. So much care and consideration goes into the flavours in each meal that even the biggest meat eaters won't leave hungry or dissatisfied. Much of the produce comes from the organic allotments located at the Eco Park. Maintained by a group of volunteers, the allotments are central to our community, with regular gardening sessions running every Friday morning. We believe that the food we put in our bodies plays a massive part in how we think and feel. We try to incorporate lots of conventional whole-food functional ingredients into our menu to help maintain health and happiness. Examples of functional foods include foods that contain specific minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, fibre etc.

Sustainability Pledges

How we're protecting the planet

The idea behind Wilder was simple, to reconnect with our ancestral roots and learn to live in sync with nature and the ebb and flow of the seasons. When the surrounding Eco Park was discovered the land was exhausted by 37 years of intensive mono-culture farming, now the land is a rich habitat for local wildlife, organic community allotments and thousands of newly planted native trees. Our electric is powered by an onsite wind turbine and solar panels. We harvest water from a borehole which can provide 10000 litres of water a day!

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