Lemon Street Market, 69 Lemon St, Truro, TR1 2PN


Our aim is to provide a one-stop zero waste ‘refill’ convenience store, to reduce packaging especially single use plastic. This reduces the cost to the shopper and reduces waste going into the environment. Customers can refill their own containers or use recycled paper bags provided to purchase grocery store products by weight; rice, pasta, cereals, spices, grains, pulses, dried fruits, nuts and seeds as well as body care and household cleaning products. We stock plastic alternative products such as bamboo reusable cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wraps, reusable straws and storage containers for the home. To aid convenience we will offer an online order service for collection. The concept empowers and enables the consumer to purchase at a competitive price with less waste, bringing authenticity back to high street grocery shopping by ultimately replicating the older style with a new modern twist. If you are feeling nervous about coming in to the store for the first time, don't worry - help is at hand! We are more than happy to talk you through the process and guide you to the products that would suit you. Containers - they don’t have to be new and flashy! Simple and reusing is the best route! Old washing up bottles, old tupperware, Chinese takeaway pots, cotton bags, bread bags, old packaging from your previous supermarket purchase? We don’t mind what you bring as long as it’s clean!

Sustainability Pledges

How we're protecting the planet

We buy in bulk which reduces any potential waste we have coming into the shop. Many of our liquid items like washing up liquid, come in large re-usable containers which are sent back to the supplier to be re-filled! We take our waste stream very seriously and produce a very small bag at the end of each week as most of our 'waste' is recycled or re-used. Our customers love coming into our shop with their own containers and if they have forgotten them we can provide paper bags for dry goods or you can purchase reusable cotton bags and glass bottles. We only buy products that are environmentally friendly and with hardly any packaging - and if it is wrapped it is usually in cardboard!

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