Kingswood Business Park, London Apprentice, PL26 7LR


We are a refill eco friendly shop near St Austell run by a local family and we want to offer an affordable alternative to the supermarkets we are surrounded by here. As a busy mum with kids, I understand the demands of the day-to-day life. My ambition was to find a way to help people to enjoy a greener, more eco-friendly life by reducing our impact on the natural environment -but in an easy way. Now customers of our shop can save the planet one refill at a time! Many of our older customers really enjoy shopping like this, as it was in fact how communities shopped in days gone by. So many people are already well aware of the challenge our natural world faces, and are more than willing to adapt to new, greener, ways of doing things. We are located on the Kingswood Business Park, right next Trevithick and Trays Farm Shop and Cafe, so you can stock up on everything you need in one place! Free Parking is available for bikes (and cars!)

Sustainability Pledges

How we're protecting the planet

We stock a large variety of high quality products which are as local, and ethical as possible, reducing travel miles and environmental impact, whilst supporting and showcasing local businesses. Selling all the basic household ingredients, from coffee to cashews, from laundry detergent to locally made face masks, our shop is brimming with the highest quality eco goods you can find. The principle is simple, bring your own containers (or use the paper bags and jars provided), fill up with your chosen goods, and only pay for what you need. No packaging, no waste, and a very beautiful and pleasant way to make a difference to the environment.

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