Quay Road, Polperro, PL13 2QZ


"Enter as strangers, Leave as friends..." That's our motto and our aim with every visitor and local that we meet. With our satisfying drinks selection, the heartiest food, a friendly welcome from our fantastic team and the wonderful atmosphere that emanates throughout - Like the fishermen of old, once you're in, you may find it hard to leave! The Blue Peter Inn is a must for any visitor to Polperro, nestling between ancient smugglers cottages on the harbour, just a few yards from the beach. So, if you are planning a trip to our beautiful village of Polperro, be sure to pop in and see us…We look forward to welcoming you!

Sustainability Pledges

How we're protecting the planet

Our Green Journey first began around two years ago. We were looking at our waste and were completely shocked at how much rubbish was just being thrown in the bin and sent off to landfill. We began to recycle all of our paper, tin, cardboard and plastic, and were gobsmacked to be recycling around 15 bags per week in the busy summer months ( bearing in mind that we are just one tiny, independent business ). From there we looked at reducing our food waste, and implemented a few more Eco Friendly initiatives such as Energy saving light bulbs, and water saving bags in the cisterns of our toilets, to mention a few. Like most people living in Cornwall we love and value our stunning surroundings that provide us with an income and most importantly much joy!! We are always shocked at how much rubbish (especially plastic) that we end up collecting on a trip to the beach with our dogs. A few months ago we stumbled across the vile video of the poor turtle with a straw up it’s nose and we decided enough was enough – and that in no way did we as a business want to be contributing to something that had such a negative environmental impact. We made the decision to replace our plastic straws and stirrers with paper and wood alternatives. From there we naturally progressed into replacing disposable takeaway boxes with compostable ones and plastic cutlery with wooden. For us, we feel that we are just really scraping the surface on our ‘Going Green’ adventure, and it is both exciting and exceptionally rewarding to know that we are taking important steps to both appreciate and improve our environment. When we heard about The Final Straw Campaign and the goals that they hope to achieve, we couldn’t wait to join and be a part of this brilliant initiative that will hopefully prove that… The smallest of steps can make a huge difference and together we can accomplish GREAT things!!

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