Plastic-free pledges

Plastic rubbish we have collected set out on a beach

We’re asking businesses who sign up and add their listings to our website to agree to at least three pledges from this list. Here we set ut what those pledges are and give some suggestions about how to implement them.


PLEDGE 1: Remove all plastic straws and stirrers*

•This is now a legal requirement in the UK, so all businesses signing up with us are asked to make sure they are complying with this.

How to implement it?

Use metal straws and tea spoons instead and wash them up. Usually wherever milk and sugar etc are added to hot drinks at the point of sale, it should be possible to provide metal, washable reusable stirrers at that point, rather than throwaway ones. Alternatively, sustainable bamboo wooden spoons or stirrers can be used.


PLEDGE 2: Offer free refills of tap water

How to implement it?

Remove all plastic bottles with water in them/only stock glass if necessary


PLEDGE 3: Offer incentives for using reusable cups

How to implement it?

Place signs to remind customers they can get a discount if they use refillable cup and stock some for sale. These refillable cups are made from recycled plastic:


PLEDGE 4: Switch to reusable or recyclable takeaway boxes

How to implement it?

Use cardboard boxes, or reusable boxes or good old fashioned newspaper for fish & chips style meals. There are even edible options available now.


PLEDGE 5: Stop using single-use sauce sachets

This is another measure which will soon become law in the UK

How to implement it?

Use larger sauce bottles or ideally, ramekins with sauce in them which can be washed up..


PLEDGE 6: Stop using plastic cutlery

How to implement it?

Use sustainable bamboo cutlery or cutlery that can be washed up. Also ask customers if they want cutlery rather than automatically providing it for some meals such as chips, for example. Edible cutlery is also available.


PLEDGE 7: Reduce consumption of plastic

How to implement it?

Contact our team at and our team will help you to do a simple audit of single-use and virgin plastic in your business and send a report to help you reduce your consumption.


PLEDGE 8:  Use reusable or biodegradable PPE

Single-use masks and gloves are a major cause of plastic pollution currently.

How to implement it?

Switch to fabric masks or visors which can be reused where possible. You can find out more about more sustainable PPE here:

PLEDGE 9: Sell drinks in recyclable or reusable containers 

How to implement it?

Make sure you do glass recycling as part of your waste contract – Glass can be melted down to make new glass products over and over again – it is 100% and endlessly recyclable. In fact, it’s the perfect circular economy material.


PLEDGE 10: Contact your waste contractor to find out what is being recycled

How to implement it?

Check that the items you think can be recycled in your business are actually being recycled by your waste contractor. Many products marketed as compostable cannot be recycled in Cornwall. This is how you go beyond the box ticking to really make a difference!





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