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Our mission is to empower individuals and influence decision-makers to make changes to stop reckless consumerism which is damaging our planet and our future.

What will it take to break our plastic addiction?

Humans have made 8.3bn tons of plastic since 1950. This is the illustrated story of where it’s gone

Sisters Against Plastic reduced their single-use plastic waste by 91% in 12 months – here’s how

Microplastics found in guts of every species of sea turtle across world

NGO project: Wrap It Up!

A city-boy takes a day off on the beach, too lazy to throw his trash in the bin; he tosses it on the beach. Grave consequences follow, which changes his mind on littering.

Six data visualizations that explain the plastic problem

National Microplastics Field Methodology Review

Biobased Performance Bioplastic

Perils of plastics: risks to human health and the environment

Microplastics In The Marine Environment

Jemima Glitter and the Voyage of Bob the Bottle

A poem by Steve Backshall

Every plastic straw on the planet right now, will outlive everyone reading these words – but you can be the change!

Trusted Partners

There is strength in numbers and there are many other closely aligned organisations and campaigns working tirelessly to make a better world and supporting Final Straw Cornwall, so collaboration is a huge part of reaching our main goal. Thank you to you all!

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