Treverbyn Village Hall are leading the way!

Treverbyn Village Hall are leading the way!

As a local village hall we now do not use or sell products with plastic straws.  We are also committed to reducing other single use plastics such as cutlery, plates & cups.  We have replaced take away hot drink cups with normal crockery ones that have cost us just a few pennies from a charity shop – an all round win – reuse, waste reduction & money goes to support a charitable organisation!  Last year we also stopped selling water in plastic bottles and more recently have stopped selling any drinks in non recyclable packaging.  We actively encourage our hall users to not use single use plastic items and provide crockery & glasses for free to help them do this. 

As you know we have amazing home made cakes on offer – these comes to us with zero packaging and, if sold for takeaway, are served in a paper bag.

Our whole team are firmly committed to making our community a better place to be and ensuring we act with minimal environmental impact is a very large part of that.

We do many other environmental things, including: create our own energy & buy in renewable energy, compost & recycle, use environmentally sound cleaning products and buy in bulk to reduce any packaging.  Our café sources local meat & veg which reduces our CO2 footprint AND supports local businesses too, etc.

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