The Kitchen Front have a 1940s approach to waste! ‘Make do and Mend’!

The Kitchen Front have a 1940s approach to waste! ‘Make do and Mend’!

The Kitchen Front

Vintage inspired, hand crafted, ceramics, fabrics and courses.

Clair from The Kitchen Front here, a very unique business in Bude that makes and sells gorgeous ceramics and fabrics for the kitchen, runs illustration, clay and ceramic design workshops, vintage parties, Fabulous Hen Parties (with decorum)  1940s’ tea rooms and events. We are based in a Grade II listed building on the canal front, which is perfect for our nostalgic inspiration.

We have a “Make Do and Mend” approach, installed into me by my grandmother. We do not waste anything. We use straws to assist with the illustration workshops and serving milk to the kids, in retro milk bottles. (like you used to get in primary school!)  We use paper straws because it fits into our ethos, waste not, want not. Plastic was not used in the 1940s’ and they coped admirably then. I feel the least we can do, is to limit our waste. We wrap goods in old newspaper and use paper bags too!

A unique business offering:

Bespoke ceramic kitchenware and fabrics

Creative half day/evening workshops

Vintage Birthday, Celebration and Hen Parties

Mini 1940s events

Occasional pop up 1940s Victory Tea Room

Creative Sessions and parties for children

 Tel: 01288 350107

Mobile/ Text: 07866 677139


Public Workshop: The Kitchen Front , Bark House, Lower Wharf, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8LG