The Bowgie Joins The Campaign

The Bowgie Joins The Campaign

Iconic Cornish pub The Bowgie, Crantock, has committed to stop using single-use plastic straws as part of The Final Straw Cornwall!

“The Bowgie uses around four cases of straws per year so that’s forty thousand straws” commented Sally Pickles, Owner and Manager of The Bowgie. “That means, over the next twenty five years, we will stop one million plastic straws from damaging our environment, ending up in landfill and polluting our oceans. Saying no to straws is a simple action but it makes an enormous difference. We wanted to be plastic straw free in time for the busy festive season so we can start making an impact right away.”

Sally has replaced the pub’s single-use plastic straws for a paper equivalent which has more than doubled her costs. “You just have to look at where we are and you can see exactly why protecting our environment and our oceans is so important to us. At The Bowgie, we have incredible sea views across Crantock Bay and The Gannel, it’s truly epic. Every day, there are surfers, dog walkers, paddle boarders and families enjoying the ocean and it’s our responsibility to protect our environment and make sure they can enjoy Cornwall to its full potential. As soon as we were approached by James and Jo at The Final Straw, we knew that we should absolutely support this campaign.”

The Bowgie is a large, independent pub that has a longstanding, local customer base which swells with huge numbers of tourists during the summer and school holidays, all enjoying the venue’s magnificent clifftop beer garden.

“Every single plastic straw that is made still exists today; they last two hundred years unless they are burnt and if they are incinerated, they create harmful toxic fumes” explained Sally. “Even if the straws are biodegradable, they will not break down unless composted properly – something most commercial kitchens in restaurants and pubs are not set up for. Paper straws are a sustainable alternative that at the moment, are more expensive. The feeling is, is that in time, prices will go down as the supply and demand equation settles down” explains Sally.

“Everything we dispose of ultimately ends up somewhere – you only have to look at social media channels to see the terrible damage we are causing to our planet. In truth, it can be really overwhelming and difficult to know, as an individual or as a business owner, how best to make a difference and do more to protect our planet. As a surfer, you can see the problems of plastic in our ocean first hand on the high tide mark. We set up The Final Straw Cornwall for people like me who wanted to make a difference but didn’t know where to start,” commented James.

“Going without plastic straws is an easy place to start. Making Cornwall single-use plastic straw free is a big message to the rest of the world that this is important and things can change!” added James. “Sally is so positive and has such a ‘can do’ attitude – we’re so thrilled that she was so keen to join the campaign and make a difference!”