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Plastic Free Day!


Get involved! We are asking schools, pupils, teachers and parents to join us in a day of refusing single-use plastic on the 8th May, which is the 93rd birthday of Sir David Attenborough! Many of you will have seen coverage over the last couple of years of the dreadful levels of plastic pollution in our oceans, which is harming wildlife and even getting into our own food chain. Please email our partners at [email protected] if you would like to join in the day and be added to our list of participants! Find all the RESOURCES HERE that you will need.

Beach Guardian is based in Padstow and have an established “Schools Educational Activities Link” all school assembly and half day workshops programme which they are happy to deliver to schools in Cornwall free of charge (

Obviously, they will not be able to be everywhere on the day but prior to 8th May, or any time after, they will happily come and run workshops for interested schools, so please get in touch with them via email ([email protected]). Final Straw Cornwall has been very proactive in beach cleaning and encouraging businesses to ditch plastic straws and has over 400 businesses signed up in the county. Many have gone on to reduce all forms of single use plastic from coffee cups to cutlery and sauce sachets.

Children’s book Author Ellie Jackson of Wild Tribe Heroes will also be available on the 8th to hold several workshops and prior for free Skype calls with schools (

“Knowledge is the key to many solutions – once people realise the problem and the bulb in their brain lights up, they can be inspired to take action,feel good about themselves and tell others.”

What Can Your School Do?


We are asking that, where possible, children who have a packed lunch at school come in with no single-use plastic packaging in their lunch box – so no disposable bottles, crisp packets etc. Sandwiches and other lunch box contents could be wrapped in tin foil or come in a container (plastic such as Tupperware is reusable and is acceptable!), and please make sure your child has a reusable water bottle with them.

We hope that taking part in this day will help our children to learn about how we can reduce the amount of plastic pollution endangering our wildlife and environment, and to be extra vigilant about littering and choosing to avoid single-use plastic wherever possible. It is a day of making changes to our habits that hopefully will lead to more days of being aware of how simple switches to more environmentally friendly options can make a difference.

Every plastic straw on the planet right now, will outlive everyone reading these words.

Download Resources!

Click the links below to download all the resources you need.

Why Get Involved?


In the UK alone, we use an estimated 35 million single-use plastic bottles, 7 million disposable coffee cups with their plastic lids and lining, 8.5 million plastic straws and around 16 million packets of crisps EVERY DAY! Only 9% of the plastic waste that we humans have created has been recycled, and around 8 million tonnes of it enters the oceans every year, from littering, dumping and mishandling, and can hang around for hundreds of years.

To help our children understand the impact of plastic on the environment, we are going to have a day of refusing single-use plastic. We will be learning about the issues surrounding plastic pollution and ocean health and how we can make a difference in our day to day lives by making more sustainable choices.

Trusted Partners

There is strength in numbers and there are many other closely aligned organisations and campaigns working tirelessly to make a better world and supporting Final Straw Cornwall, so collaboration is a huge part of reaching our main goal. Thank you to you all!

Help Us Make Cornwall Plastic Straw Free

If you have any questions for the Final Straw Cornwall team, please contact us.