SCHOOLS – Plastic Free Day 8th May 2019

SCHOOLS – Plastic Free Day 8th May 2019

Final Straw Cornwall, Beach Guardian, Final Straw Solent and Wild Tribe Heroes are collaborating, to gather as many schools as possible in our regions to celebrate David Attenborough’s 93rd birthday by taking part in the ‘8th May Plastic-Free Day’.

Our aim is to have a day of refusing single use plastic and thus raise awareness of the issues surrounding plastic pollution and ocean health and how we can make a difference in our daily lives by making more sustainable choices.

On the 8th May we are requesting schools to ask parents to send their children to school with a reusable water bottle and no snacks wrapped in plastic e.g. crisps and chocolate bars, substituting with fresh fruit or homemade cakes or biscuits wrapped in foil for instance. Children who bring packed lunch are asked to bring sandwiches in a container (Tupperware is fine as it’s reusable) with contents as above.  Please ask your school lunch provider not to provide any single use plastic items on the day.

We envisage that the school day will involve some workshops and class work to learn about how we can reduce the amount of plastic pollution endangering our wildlife and environment. We hope it will encourage children to be extra vigilant about littering and avoiding single use plastic wherever possible. We also hope that teachers will encourage children to write letters to manufacturers, supermarkets, local Councilors and MPs to campaign against the pointless packaging we see every day on our shop shelves.  It is envisaged as a day of making changes to our habits that will hopefully lead to some simple switches being made, which collectively will have a big impact.

Beach Guardian is based in Padstow and have an established “Schools Educational Activities Link” all school assembly and half day workshops programme which they are happy to deliver to schools in Cornwall free of charge (

Obviously, they will not be able to be everywhere on the day but prior to 8th May, or any time after, they will happily come and run workshops for interested schools, so please get in touch with them via email ([email protected]). Final Straw Cornwall has been very proactive in beach cleaning and encouraging businesses to ditch plastic straws and has over 600 businesses signed up in the county ( Many have gone on to reduce all forms of single use plastic from coffee cups to cutlery and sauce sachets. Children’s book Author Ellie Jackson will also be available on the 8th to hold several workshops and prior for free Skype calls with schools (

The volume of plastics swashing around in our environment is massive and causing huge problems worldwide. Plastic production is set to double by 2025. Please join us in helping educate your schoolchildren so that they can make a real difference to their future by registering at and we will contact you with more information.

If any schools wish to be involved in a beach clean on the 8th after school, or any other day, please get in touch and we will arrange some volunteers to host one for you in your area.

We look forward to working with you,

Pat Smith – fb: FinalStrawCornwall Twitter: @finalstrawcorn Tel: +44 (0)7971 298913

Rob and Emily Stevenson – fb: BeachGuardian  Twitter: @PlasticWaive Tel: +44 (0)7850 762378

Ellie Jackson – fb: wildtribeheroes Twitter: @wildtribeheroes Tel: +44 (0)7848 034350