Final Straw Request Letter

Use this suggested introduction letter to request Cornish businesses make the switch from plastic to paper straws

Solicitation Letter

Dear Cornish Business Owner,

I hope you don’t mind me approaching you directly but I am sure you would want to help deal with the crisis that we have unwittingly caused by our escalating use of disposable plastic products.

Our oceans are being overwhelmed by the rising tide of plastic that we have bought and then thrown away, and which has now found its way via drains, streams, wind and rivers into the sea.

We see it on our beaches here in Cornwall, and read of it in the news of vast islands of floating plastic rubbish in pristine uninhabited places such as the Arctic and Antarctic and remote areas of the Pacific. It is now predicted that there will be moreplastic than fish in the sea by 2050.
We know now the harm we are causing – and we also know it is possible to take some simple steps significantly reduce our consumption of single use (disposable) plastics such as plastic water bottles, take away coffee cups, plastic bags and plastic straws, which will make a huge difference to the amount global plastic garbage thrown away every day.

Armed with his knowledge, two Cornish business owners have created Final Straw Cornwall with the aim of making Cornwall the first plastic straw free County in the UK. We believe that Cornwall, with its miles of coastline and rugged beauty, loved by it communities and visitors alike, is the ideal place to launch a campaign with the aim of protecting our marine and land environment.

We are now working with fantastic businesses such as yours to stop serving plastic straws with drinks, and if need be offer paper ones as an alternative. A simple, easy, positive and contagious change. Because we know our customers are seeing the same news about this problem as we are, and will be expecting the best businesses to take action.

In return we will write a blog about your business and add it to our website, feature you in our social media posts and supply you with resources to publicise your decision to help the environment.

You can sign up on the website or call……… we can even arrange for someone to call in and visit you.

We would be delighted to welcome you to join our growing movement of businesses who are taking action to help protect our beautiful Blue Planet.

We look forward to hearing from you,


[Your Contact Details]