Lower Barns Boutique B&B is trying to save our beautiful world from plastic!

Lower Barns Boutique B&B is trying to save our beautiful world from plastic!

Having grown up on this amazing coastline of Cornwall, (where your heart shines like a rainbow with the freedom, space, colours and unspoilt beaches),  I’ve seen a dreadful change over the years in how people treat the countryside and coastline of our county. Cornwall has become a very busy place for our tourist industry, from which many of us have made a living.

With growth comes decay, and this is what I have been seeing on my regular walks from St. Austell to St.Ewe.   I’m sorry to say, that after leaving the main car park in St. Austell, and walking to the roundabout by McDonald’s,  the amount of rubbish i.e. straws, cups, cans etc. is unbelievable! My walk seems to take longer as I’ve started to carry a plastic bag for rubbish, and I have a dreadful feeling of guilt if I don’t pick it up.

Therefore, if I’m feeling like this, so, I’m sure, are many of my fellow men.

We, at Lower Barns Boutique B&B, have decided to change, and, hopefully, make our guests more aware about recycling and the need to give up plastic straws. The more people who are aware of the amount of waste we create, the better.  As well as understanding where it goes, in some cases our oceans!.

We all need to wake up and save this beautiful world! Although I can’t change the planet just yet, I can help to make Cornwall, (with its numerous visitors every year), much more aware, and stop using plastics straws.  More and more people are trying to make change, so why not join the campaign and start making little steps of change to our planet.

Let us try to recognise the precious nature of each day for our future generations, as we know that life is fragile. Like the dew on the first morning grass, it will be carried away on the first morning breeze.

Onwards and upwards, my fellow Cornish men!