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Our mission is to empower individuals and influence decision-makers to make changes to stop reckless consumerism which is damaging our planet and our future.

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What Else Can I Do?

1. Use the final straw logo on your premises 

2. We’d prefer you to display the logo on an external door or window – stand proud!

3. Only supply paper straws. We’ve thought long and hard about compostable and biodegradable straws, but they do not degrade in the sea. Paper straws are the only ocean positive alternatives to plastic! Read here why we only recommend paper straws as an alternative.

4. Download and use our table flyers to help your customers understand the damage plastic straws cause.

5. Train customer facing staff so they can confidently explain why your business is not serving plastic straws and answer difficult questions.

6. Upload your info to our website (we’ll send you a link when you’ve registered) and use your social media to tell the world about it!

Every plastic straw on the planet right now, will outlive everyone reading these words – but you can be the change!

How Do We Help?

1. We will promote your business on our social and blog and through press releases

2. We’ll be on hand to help you promote the Final Straw


With over 250+ businesses who have already joined us, use our interactive map to find out who in your area is helping rid the use of single use plastic straws!

Help Us Make Cornwall Plastic Straw Free

If you have any questions for the Final Straw Cornwall team, please contact us.