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Our mission is to empower individuals and influence decision-makers to make changes to stop reckless consumerism which is damaging our planet and our future.

Final Straw Cornwall is solely run by the dedication and passion of our volunteers and the more the merrier! The list of how you can help is endless and we’re sure anyone who is keen to help can be found a job. Please contact us and provide some details about the kind of help you would like to offer and we will be in touch.

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Are you a business  who wants to support our campaign? As well as sending a message to the world that we are starting to tackle the threat of single use plastic, the Final Straw Cornwall can also save your business money if you stop purchasing and giving plastic straws away. You will also get a wonderful thank you across the campaign’s social media platforms and here on our website for supporting the Final Straw Cornwall campaign.

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Help Us Make Cornwall Plastic Straw Free

If you have any questions for the Final Straw Cornwall team, please contact us.