Final Straw Cornwall – Pat’s inspiration

Final Straw Cornwall – Pat’s inspiration

It’s been just over two year’s since Pat saw a Plastic Ocean and was inspired to start Final Straw Cornwall.

The inspiration for Pat was this quote from Lily Tomlin. After seeing Jo Ruxton’s film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ Plastic Oceans UK Pat was so upset by what she saw that she decided to do something about it!

When we spoke to Penair School just before Christmas that was the most important message we gave the children. If you don’t like the effects that humans are having on our planet, our wildlife and eco-systems then please do something about it!

It’s not enough anymore to just like a page or a post or share something on social media. Yes, it is important to communicate a cause but numerous research studies show that volunteering is one of best things you can do for yourself and others.

(written by Nic)