Encounter Cornwall encountered a few problems but still manage to lead the way!


Running our guided trips on the Fowey Estuary we are very aware of plastic waste in the water, and it’s effect on wildlife. We already run two volunteer River Clean Ups every year, which helps, and we pick up anything we can whilst out paddling. Our seasonal ‘Cafe Kayak’, has always used biodegradable and compostable takeaway products from ‘Vegware’, but we have only just learnt that even biodegradable straws won’t break down in a colder marine environment. We have decided not to offer straws at all this year. We have also joined the ‘Refill’ scheme to try to encourage people to bring their own water bottles, rather than rely on single use plastic bottles. We strongly believe that if everyone makes even a small gesture, by joining these together the result will be a huge one!