Beach Guardian at Trevisker Garden Centre

Beach Guardian at Trevisker Garden Centre

Last night we had the pleasure of attending this great event hosted by the brilliant team at Trevisker Garden Centre and hearing Emily and Rob from Beach Guardian and Jo Ruxton from Plastic Oceans UK talk about the on-going plastic crisis in our oceans, here at home in Cornwall.

From Seafangles to bio-beads in Truro Rivers, we shall go into greater detail into all of these close to home issues over the next week or so.

And, as ever it is always a pleasure to hear Emily and Rob talk – they are so knowledgable and enthusiastic and impart sometimes quite complicated technical information in a really easy to understand way – so you can see why they are a big hit in schools!

And it was fantastic to meet and also hear Jo Ruxton explaining her personal story about why she ended up filming ‘A Plastic Ocean’ and how she felt she had to tell us all the shocking truth about the plastic she was filming in the oceans over the course of her work at the BBC on the original Blue Planet series.

We applaud Jo’s work and her commitment to the cause and you should have seen Pat’s face when she sat down next to her! Jo has been Pat’s personal inspiration and it was my pleasure to sit opposite both of them and listen to them bouncing off of each other!

Their work and energy and their impact goes to remind us -anyone can affect change!

A Pat always says ‘I Am Somebody’

(written by Nic)