Beach Clean Number 51!

Beach Clean Number 51!

Nearly there! Beach clean 51 at Pentewan with my grandchildren. They live in the village so it’s just a hop, skip and a jump down to the beach. Pentewan is a beach which seems prone to catching plastic debris tangled up in the seaweed. There was a lot of small pieces of plastic items- pieces from plastic bottles, lids, caps and items in the process of being worn down into microplastics from wave action.

Net is the other main culprit, the small pieces of monofilament which easily entrap sea creatures. It is so tough that I find it almost impossible to detach from entwined seaweed. Also many shorter pieces of plastic rope used in lobster pots appear regularly wrapped up in the seaweed too.

Today we found some balloons still joined to plastic ribbon. I have seen photos of birds tangled up in this ribbon as it is very strong. The deflated balloons are often mistaken for food with disastrous consequences for wildlife. Please do not use balloons or fly away lantern lights to celebrate with if you plan to release them and watch them fly away. Members of the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition have had so called biodegradable balloons and glitter in jars of seawater for years now and they are still good as new.

Onwards to number 52 and completion of my mission