Beach Clean Number 50!

Beach Clean Number 50!

On the final countdown now as the end of the year approaches! My 50th beach clean of 2018 was on Trevone beach with Rob and Emily from Beach Guardian today. It was a glorious sunny day and 27 people turned up for their 5th beach clean over the Christmas break.

All of the necessary equipment is provided and they have built up a steady following of locals and visitors alike who join them on regular beach cleans along this coastline. Every piece of litter collected is washed, sorted and recorded. Beach Guardian work with many local schools, educating them about the havoc that Plastic pollution is causing to our marine environment and helping schoolchildren to understand why they should not drop litter.

I took off to the rocky beach just west of Trevone and scrambled down to a seaweed laden cove where I found several pieces of plastic bottles and items of fishing gear.
I found what looked like a drive belt from a car but a Rob told me that it was a piece of tyre rubber that fishermen use to wrap around the edges of lobster pots to stop them getting damaged during the lifting and lowering process.

Beach cleaning on a coastline I don’t know is always interesting but one thing that is abundantly clear is that the tide of seaborne Plastic is affecting all our coastlines. In the long term cleaning it up is not the answer. We must all take action to reduce our individual consumption of single use plastics and the government needs to bring in legislation to force producers to use biodegradable alternatives and take responsibility for the cost of the disposal of their products.
I live in hope!