52nd Beach Clean

52nd Beach Clean

It’s done! My 52nd beach Clean was 3 in one. I walked from Charlestown to Porthpean and picked up litter on the way back taking in Duporth as well. All 3 beaches looked clean enough but heavy swells had brought in piles of seaweed which again was littered with pieces of plastic.

Today I am going to give you a tally of what I collected. I did not take a litter picker, just a glove so work out how many times I bent over!!! I can recommend this beach cleaning job for keeping you fit ?Here goes

1 plastic beer glass, 2 pieces of balloons, 1 rigid plastic light cover, half a rubber dog ball, 1 crisp packet, handle of a child’s fishing net, remains of a man’s cap, 12 pieces of plastic rope, 1 ear tag, 1 cup holder, 1 pony tail band, piece of a fishing bouy, small plastic bottle, 8 plastic straws, 6 plastic bottle tops, 3 cotton bud sticks, tile spacers, 2 electric cable holders, 1 dog poo bag, 3 bits of plastic bags, 6 plastic bottle pieces, 2 wet wipes, 3 sweet wrappers, 2 chunks of filler foam, 1 plastic rope holder and rope and 46 pieces of assorted plastic bits.

Besides the fishing gear, most of these are everyday items used by us and it is shocking to find them polluting our beautiful beaches. Please let’s try to be more thoughtful in this coming year. I am driven to try and protect our living planet for my children and grandchildren and I will continue to do everything in my power to achieve that.

52 beach cleans in 2018 was my New Year’s Resolution 12 months ago. I shall not stop as I believe our beaches need me! What will yours be for 2019?