A campaign to rid Cornwall of single use plastic straws and raise awareness of the damage single use plastics are causing to our environment.


They are a clear example of completely unnecessary single use plastic that is used for an average of just 20 minutes then discarded. Every straw on the planet right now will outlive everyone reading these words.
Some problems seem too big to tackle. This problem isn’t. We can do it if we all work together!

We understand some people need a straw to drink and are recommending asking for paper straws instead. Individuals always requiring a straw to drink may wish to purchase their own bamboo/ stainless steel /glass reusable straw.

Biodegradable and compostable straws do not break down in the marine environment as the water is too cold, therefore we do not recommend them as an alternative. Please check before you buy!


With over 100+ businesses already in, use our interactive map to find out who in your area is helping rid the use of single use plastic straws!


Cornwall is our home, a remarkable county which is world renowned for its rugged coastal beauty. We are a strong and vibrant community who thrive in and rely on our environment. Our economy and wellbeing depends here, more than anywhere, on our environment which is our responsibility to protect. With a world wide reputation for hospitality, food and ocean-side adventure, Cornwall is a community perfectly positioned to say no to drinking straws. As such, send a message to the world that, by one step at a time, we will tackle the threat of single use plastic that threatens disaster to our planet.